Private Practices, Counselling Agencies, Not for Profit agencies, Churches, or Micro-Small Businesses


What is Holding Your Business Back is Often YOUR Blind Spot: Objective Help Matters

It was over 2,500 years ago that the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, coined the phrase – “Change is the only constant in life”. I can hardly image what he might say about today’s world. Things are changing so quickly, and we too must change to have a successful business. It is normal and progressive to invest in an objective third party consultant who can give clarity on organizational development, identify obstacles and create solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

“Objectivity is of value in any role that involves decision making. Without objectivity fairness and accuracy suffer, and far too easily we end up doing harm when we are trying to do good.” – Wisdom Quote

I am sure when inspiration first hit you and you realized your desire to start a business, you did not envision some of the challenges that you would face. None of us do. However, in my experience of working with private-practices or micro-medium sized businesses, those obstacles can be navigated. Some of the common areas of challenge I have seen in business include:

  • Lack of clarity around mission and values
  • Lack of financial growth
  • Blame culture
  • Inability to make decisions
  • No follow through when decisions are made
  • Conflict/lack of respect between staff and management
  • High staff turnover
  • Industry changes
  • Lack of organization
  • Poor marketing
  • Getting the right staff in the right roles

The make or break of breakthrough: Unveiling “Aha” Moments!

Only you know how much time and energy you are expending, spinning your wheels, and hoping for a change. Sometimes, the best decision is to stop and ask for the help you need and deserve. The truth is you are losing time, money, good employees and you are acquiring a lot of stress.

“I was hesitant to make the investment into my business, but now I can say that my bottom line has greatly improved, not only due to a better marketing strategy, but also because now I have staff that are content and productive because they are working in the roles that match their skills and talents.” – Professional Business Client, Vancouver