How Professional Counselling Can Bring Clarity to YOUR Life’s Challenges

We have all heard it – “life happens!” Sometimes, we have no control over it and other times we do – but control or no control, we have to live with the circumstances. As children we are taught about how the world works, sometimes through a positive lens, sometimes not. As teenagers, we often rebel against the world and as adults we try to make peace with the world and ourselves. But often our history impedes us from finding that peace – those places of clarity.

We long for those places of clarity, both within ourselves and within the world around us.  Often it takes us to having to revisit our history, our beliefs, our feeling, our fears, and our values before we can navigate the change we so desire.

“Life changes you.  Like a gale force wind, it will drive you backward or forward, depending on how you set your sail.” – Warren

When Part of Your Life Isn’t Working Out – Then What?

Sometimes things in our life radically change and life throws us a curveball. Other times, ongoing discontent reminds us that we are unhappy. How do we actually identify dangers signs that let us know we need help?


Clarity can transform many of these common life challenges:

  • High levels of stress, pressure, worry, anxiety, anger or resentment
  • Difficulties with relationships, communication, boundaries
  • Feeling misunderstood or taken advantage of
  • Struggling with decisions or feeling stuck
  • Feeling depressed, overwhelmed or lacking direction/meaning
  • Dealing with crisis of identity, mid-life crisis or crisis of faith/purpose
  • Wondering why certain areas of your life don’t seem to work out
  • Challenged to move past a loss or face a fear
  • Past life events are preventing you from having the life you want today
  • Certain things keep happening again and again with the same outcome
  • You know the change you want, but don’t know how to make it happen
  • Struggle with confidence or the ability to assert yourself
  • Facing a life transition that is trying
  • Feeling like you no longer know yourself or what you want
  • Difficult family, couple, friendship or workplace dynamics

Option for Faith Based Counselling

A huge part of my journey from confusion and frustration to clarity and purpose was learning about the love Jesus had for me, and that He wanted to have a personal relationship with me. As a young adult I surrendered my life to Him and His guiding principles, and He has become the anchor I had yearned for since childhood.

As a Christian and as a Mental Health Practitioner, I am interested in the whole person – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social. If you are faith-based and desire counselling that includes this area, I am delighted to bring this into our counselling session. If not, I will respect your desires and counsel you in a way that respects your faith or life philosophy.

“Surrender is the intersection between acceptance and change” – Vanzant


The Gift of Clarity – Know who you are, so you can navigate all your possibilities.

There is neither growth nor success without clarity. Only in fairy tales does one can wake up in a perfect life.

It is time to get in the garden of your mind – get clear about what is crowding out the joy and happiness and get rid of those thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and make room for some new possibilities in your life.

“Sometimes life is like a flat tire, you can’t get very far until you change it” – Dobson

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Today matters in your life, so use it to its fullest!

A free consult can often be the change in direction from challenge to clarity!