Intentional Decisions will allow you to achieve the goals that others can only dream about.

A mission or a vision statement reminds you of what you are doing in your work or personal life. We are all designed for purpose and these statements clarify what that is. Our core values are the characteristics that help us make decisions about who we aspire to be as we live out that purpose.

Mission and Values in your Personal Life or at Work

It is challenging to navigate life and/or work when there is nothing to anchor you and no road map that will help you get to the destinations you desire in your lifetime. The tides of life can throw you around like a helpless buoy in a storm and you end up in the same place season after season. However, once you clarify where you want your life to take you and who you want to be when you get there, each decision will be intentional and be in alignment with your core values, and you will be able to make the changes you desire.

Fresh Insites Mission

My Mission is to provide personalized counselling/consulting services that uncover the uniqueness of each individual and their situation by providing clarity and offering a road map to navigate to the place of change desired in their personal life or business.

Fresh Insites Values

  • Building Relationships that are based on Loyalty, Trust, Integrity and Honesty
  • Providing Services that are Transparent, Efficient, Ethical and Effective
  • Honoring Faith and Individuality
  • Embracing Uniqueness, Humor and Self Worth
  • Striving for Balance as we Persevere in Growth and Change

“I was in a constant loop of getting nowhere – my life was passing me by. When I started counselling, my counsellor helped me identify what I really wanted from life. She helped me define my personal mission statement and also identify my core values. Now I know my purpose and who I am as I achieve it.” – Client, Calgary, Canada

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