Investing In Tomorrow Requires YOUR Action Today!

Why wait? What is it that you need clarity in? What are the roadblocks that are stopping you from creating the life, career or business you want? What changes are you dreaming about? All of us need someone to walk with us a mile and help us refocus for the journey ahead. I have walked with many and would love to help you achieve the things that right now seem far away. Make the choice to invest in the future.

Life is defined by the choices you make – Choose wisely everyday!

If you are not sure that counselling is what you need, then simply call me for a free 30 min consultation and we can talk through what you are experiencing. I will help you find the clarity you are looking for.

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“I was embarrassed to think I needed help. I had tried both in my personal and professional life to make it on my own. Interestingly enough, it was the help that I eventually received for my business that I also needed for my personal life – Humility and a dose of excellence rather than perfection.” – Small business client, NZ

Jacqueline Nadworny

BA (Psyc); MA (Counselling)
Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Professional in Clinical Counselling - Supervisor (RPC, MPCC-S)

Certified Professional Counsellor Supervisor (CPCS)

Counsellor and Supervisor (NZCCA)

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